Zoo Med CF2-NZ 新西蘭水苔 150gL

 Zoo Med CF2-NZ 新西蘭水苔 150gL
 Zoo Med CF2-NZ 新西蘭水苔 150gL
品 牌: Zoo Med
型 號: CF2-NZ
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產品: Zoo Med CF2-NZ 新西蘭水苔 150gL

產地: 美國

規格: 150g


  • 新西蘭水苔優於任何其他類型的苔蘚的玻璃容器使用,由於其獨特的柔軟性和驚人的水分保持能力。這鬱鬱蔥蔥,地毯般的苔蘚可以保持水分高達20倍其幹重!
  • 偉大的活的植物,令人難以置信的持久的;後其他基板已經分解,這苔蘚仍然可用並可以洗滌並重複使用多次。
  • 收穫利用可持續的方法,以確保這將是大約為子孫後代!
  • 擁有更多的水,並保持比其他任何類型的苔蘚潮濕的更長久!
  • 在苔蘚天然化合物防止其分解在潮濕環境中。
  • 優秀的頂級基板動物園地中海的自然主義玻璃容器。
  • 對於大多數物種青蛙,蟾蜍,蠑螈,蠑螈和無脊椎動物包括寄居蟹使用。也可以用小的蛇,包括綠蛇,蛇絲帶,襪帶蛇等使用


Zoo Med's New Zealand Sphagnum Moss is preferred over any other type of moss for terrarium use due to its unique softness and amazing moisture-holding ability. This lush, carpet-like moss can hold moisture up to 20 times its dry weight!

  • Great for live plants and incredibly long-lasting; after other substrates have decomposed, this moss remains usable and can be washed and reused several times.
  • Harvested using sustainable methods to ensure that it will be around for future generations!
Additional Information:
  • Holds more water and stays moist longer than any other type of moss!
  • Natural compounds in moss prevent it from decomposing in humid environments.
  • Excellent top substrate for Zoo Med's Naturalistic Terrariums.
  • For use with most species of frogs, toads, salamanders, newts, and invertebrates including Hermit Crabs. Can also be used with small snakes including Green Snakes, Ribbon Snakes, Garter Snakes, etc.



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