Zoo Med AH-L (L) Turtle Hut龜之屋

Zoo Med AH-L (L) Turtle Hut龜之屋
品 牌: Zoo Med
型 號: AH-L
庫存狀況: 有貨
價格: $80.00
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Zoo Med AH-L (L) Turtle Hut 龜之屋

If you want the look of a natural log hiding place for your reptiles with the convenience, strength, and washability of ceramic, then Zoo Med’s Turtle Hut is for you. Inert material means it won’t mold and is easy to sterilize. It can be submerged in water for aquatic turtles, newts, and even shy fish, or used on dry land for any species of reptile or amphibian.

  • Now made of eco-friendly ceramic!

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